The most massive aerolith by far in all of Skai-Roon, the Ultralith is monstrous in scale. The top portion of this landmass reaches up half a mile into the Shine, runs all the way through the Middlemists, and finally ends around a three miles into the Gloom. Over three-hundred miles tall, and around two-hundred miles in diameter at its widest point, the Ultralith is an awesome sight to behold.

The outside of the Ultralith is covered in rough granite outcroppings and overgrown with thick vines for most of the region above the Thick, while the lower portions are riddled with holes and caves out of which water often runs in torrents. Dried up tunnels and caves down here are often occupied by all manner of flying creatures, which can be seen swirling around the Ultralith in huge flocks in search of prey.

The tallest points of the Ultralith can be found around its perimeter, with the interior formed into a natural bowl segmented by a central mountain range that divides the land up into five isolated regions. Most of this interior is very warm, and the constant moisture collected and held by the surrounding mountains causes a downpour almost every day, the condensed mist formed into storm clouds that dissipate as it rains. After a rainstorm the light of Solus shines down the natural chimney of the Ultralith, unhindered by much mist all the way up in the Shine. The result of this geography is an incredibly dense jungle, with elevated marshlands on plateaus all along the interior of the mountain rings.

The Ultralith is one of the few places in all of Skai-Roon that you will find fast running rivers, waterfalls, or true wetlands. Below this overgrown and dangerous surface of the Ultralith lies a complex and interconnected series of natural tunnels, caves, caverns and underground lakes. Nobody has even begun to explore just how deep these networks go, or what might be found there.

Besides the obstacles the terrain offers to any explorer, the Ultralith is home to an enormous variety of animals and tribal creatures, most of whom are very dangerous. Reptilian and draconic creatures dominate most areas of the jungle, though huge predatory mammals and well-adapted hunting animals of all kinds carve out their place here.

While it would seem an obvious place to avoid for civilized folk, the Ultralith offers a number of temptations. Many of the exotic plants in the jungle are of high value, either for use in magic, or as a delicacy bought by the very rich. Rare and exotic animals are also sought, for their meat, pelts or even as exotic pets. The Ultralith is rich in precious metals, iron ore, and an amazing variety of gemstones as well. But more than anything else, the Ultralith is the best source for capturing Silvermist for use in airship construction.

The natural shape and structure of the Ultralith, as well as the overabundance of life kept concentrated inside, creates a constant layer of Silvermist in the air above the jungles. Harvesting this source of Silvermist is difficult and dangerous work because many of the flying creatures of the jungle find the workers that come here to be very easy prey.


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