the Solusian faith

The Solusian faiths are any of a number of religions dedicated to the worship and veneration of Solus. Though most individual aeroliths and nations have a unique version of the faith, few are so divergent from any of the others as to be completely unrecognizable. Some such faiths are different enough to be cause for conflict, however, and more than a few wars have begun over differences in worship practices.

Many cultures also venerate certain ancestors and heroes of legend that inspire them. These ancestors are sometimes considered lesser gods, or demigods, depending on the culture, while others simply see them as inspiring examples of skill and dedication. This element of the various Solusian faiths is often the cause of most religious conflicts, as each side tries to impose their dogmas on the other.

Interestingly, most of these religious conflicts seem to arise between peoples of the same race, while it is far more rare for members of different races to try and impose their version of the Solusian faith on the other.

The churches and temples found on a visit are often enough to tell an outsider what type of Solusians to expect to live in the area. Simple statues and small shrines dedicated to individuals other than Solus usually points to basic ancestor worship, while huge statues, ornate churches and large temples to the same sorts beings generally points towards full deification.

the Solusian faith

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