The Dreaming

The world of dreams, called The Dreaming, is not just a place that some races connect to when they sleep. It is a plane unto itself, where the power of the mind rules supreme, and where creating even the most complex of structures is limited only by the imagination.

Those that dream have minds that were not made completely physical when The Barrier went up, and actually journey to The Dreaming when their conscious physical minds go to sleep. This connection is very fragile, and any attack on a person’s dream-self simply breaks the connection, usually waking them from their sleep, but otherwise leaving them unharmed. It is possible to enter The Dreaming physically, using magic, but to do so is very dangerous and has been attempted successfully only by a handful of arcane researchers.

The Dreaming is a chaotic swirl of energy and matter, constantly shifting form and composition, without any noticeable pattern or predictable flow. Chunks of ice and fire may drift into each other and erupt in a titanic explosion of water and steam, or they may pass right through each other as if neither existed. Fire can freeze and earth can flow like water here, and no law of the physical world exists that cannot be violated in The Dreaming. The only power here is the power of the mind – for with nothing but thought and the will to drive it, anyone can force The Dreaming to conform to their desires.

Powerful spellcasters have sometimes crossed over into The Dreaming to erect arcane towers in which to continue their research without interruption. These powerful minds can carve out a place in The Dreaming that conforms to their desires, and resists the chaotic transformative nature of the plane. Those brilliant and powerful enough can even begin to create life, but such creatures rarely have the ability to survive outside their creator’s dominion.

A number of reports of unusual creatures living in The Dreaming have surfaced, seemingly indicating that Solus has either begun to create again, or that some of her original creations did not remain in The Waking when The Barrier went up.

The Dreaming

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