The Dark Father. Also called the Maw of Doom, the Black Gate or Oblivion. He is the realm of death and inertia, as well as the embodiment of a god that exists to devour all that ever was, and bring the world to its end. Annihlous is usually the name given to the god, while Oblivion is the name used for the realm he dwells in, though in general they are considered one and the same.

Since things fall down towards Oblivion it is generally believed that everything will end up there eventually – a slow fall down from the light into darkness. Most of his worshipers believe Annihlous is inevitably going to ‘win’ due to this widely held belief, and hope to secure a powerful place in Oblivion for themselves by helping things along. Worship of Annihlous grows more common the closer you get to the Black Gate, as does the acceptance of evil and the use of dark magics. But truly dedicated worshipers do their best to infiltrate aeroliths high in the bright sky to try and bring them down to the Maw of Doom by any means available.

Few things will get a community up in arms faster than the discovery of a Cult of the Dark Father.

The worship of Annihlous is nowhere near as varied as that of Solus, for The Dark Father seems to whisper in the ears and minds of those near to The Black Gate. The creation of Smoke through torture, murder and ritual sacrifice seem to be at the heart of all Nihlian faiths, with few exceptions. Those that practice a ‘softer’ form of worship are all found near the Thick, where the light of Solus is at least present, if not strong. Variants of the Nihlian faiths are very culturally and racially based, but almost always put heavy emphasis on darkness, blood, death, undeath and Smoke.


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