A flying ship built to sail the skies using a large chamber filled with Silvermist for buoyancy. Most basic airship designs are of the ‘slung-under’ variety, consisting of a rigid tapered cylinder full of Silvermist on top, with a crew deck hanging down underneath. Military airships usually have internal Silvermist chambers to limit their vulnerability, though they need to be under pressure to conserve space. New designs and configurations are being tested and tried all the time, and those that work well are quickly adopted – and adapted.

There are rumors of a different type of airship that uses captured elemental air to achieve lift, but such reports have not had any evidence turn up to support them.

Airships vary in size from single man Mist-Jumpers, all the way up to military dreadnoughts, and everything in between. Almost all airships use some variation of the Silvermist system originally developed by the tieflings of Tauth-Anon. Military and merchant vessels make up the vast majority of airships, but there are a few pleasure craft flying the skies as well.

Two of the few airship types that don’t use Silvermist are called Husks and Deathships. Husks are exactly what they sound like – the hollowed out remains of a dead behemoth, in this case controlled by dark magics and using the creature’s innate ability to swim the mists, which lingers on even after they died.

The dreaded Deathships use Smoke, blood and unholy magics to power a piece of a corrupted Heartstone to achieve flight. The Deathships in flight look like they are carried upon a black cloud of flowing miasma, trailing Smoke in their wake, operating in endless service to their undead masters.


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