Aeroliths by Name

An individual listing of the most major, but not all known, aeroliths. The race, or races, following the aerolith name are the dominant power on that land, but does not necessarily indicate a functioning government ruled by them.

Andratha (Elf)

Aramyl (Human)

Azrax (Undead)

Baroon’Urt (Dragonborn)

Baeznefel (Tiefling)

Bharjahl (Human)

Bitterhold (Halfling)

Brohn (Human/Half-Orc)

Cadwyr (Human)

Cordovia (Human)

Cruor (Goliath)

Drisayle (Eladrin)

Goodfield (Halfling)

Hamarot (Warforged)

Irsh (Kalashtar/Shardmind)

Lithicus (Human)

Loranth (Human)

Nebuule (Goblinoid)

Nilshum (Drow Elf)

Nordrok (Dwarf)

Obsydius (Undead)

Onnor (Dwarf)

Paltier (Deva)

Rabaat (Goblinoid)

Rexor (Shifters/Wilden)

Sept’Uhr (Dragonborn)

Talnath (Dwarf/Goliath)

Tauth’Anon (Tiefling)

Vazgraad (Undead)

Vexgrul (Minotaur)

Volund (Human)

Wornor (Orc)

Ygriz (Githzerai)

Yonder (Gnome)

Aeroliths by Name

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