The Hunter's Lodge

Hired to provide extra security during a dicey trade negotiation, the PCs perform their jobs well, only to dumped on a small unsettled aerolith by the captain and crew of the Harrier’s Grin. Cheated out of their pay, and stranded along with the airship’s drunk, the PCs discover that the aerolith isn’t completely unsettled after all – a hunting lodge rests on the far side. But Cappy the drunk gives more bad news, as he explains that the captain dumped them all there to be the prey for a group of sadistic hunters who like to hunt people.

Deciding to confront the hunters head on, before they had a chance to gather for the hunt, the PCs make for the lodge, killing the catfolk stalker called Scratch when she tried to toy with them in the night. A full frontal assault on the lodge, built out of an abandoned fort, proved difficult, but the PCs managed to take down the lodge’s leader, Gent “Teddy” Nuggs, within moments of breaking down the door. Though the PCs looked to be going down after two of the four dropped, some quick thinking and good luck pulled them through. Once the hunters were taken care of the PCs mopped up the remaining archers and secured the fort.

Now the PCs know that an airship with more hunters is on its way, and if they can get a hold of that ship, they can get off of Teddy’s Island and go where they want.


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